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Work clothes, professional clothing and uniforms for each working area. From the hotel and restaurant sector, to the health, beauty, medical or food sectors, choose Dalavoro to dress up your professionalism!

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  • Professional Coats

    Professional work coats for all types of work context. Available in many models for men or women and in different types of fabric and colors. They can be customized with embroidery name or logo to become unique and original garments.

  • Work Aprons

    Always being clean and tidy gives an excellent image to customers. Our wide choice of Work Aprons provides a great opportunity to satisfy every request of professionals in the hotel, food, restaurant and Food & Beverage. The apron models are customizable and have an unrivaled choice of colors and types.

  • Work Trousers

    The Work trousers available in this section are characterized by a great variety that makes them suitable for professions of different kinds. The trousers that we present to you are not only evidently resistant and comfortable, but pay particular attention to the practicality that is essential for those who carry out work in the healthcare, hotel and industry sectors.

  • Work Shirts

    In this section we present a wide selection of Work shirts for men or women that differ in model, fabric and color according to the needs of each professional. Our shirts are characterized by a simple but refined line to obtain a clean and elegant professional image in any working context.

  • Work Polos and T-Shirts

    Our work Polo and T-Shirts are available in many models and colors and can be customized with a name or logo. Made with different types of fabric in short or long sleeves, the shirts in this section make your work comfortable and elegant and, thanks to their unique wearability, they can also be worn in your free time.

  • Work Vest

    In work uniforms, the Gilet represents a comfortable and functional alternative to the jacket, as it leaves the wearer's arms ample freedom of movement. The vests proposed in this section are available in various colors, models, fabrics and for all seasons. Furthermore, they have a good fit for all sizes and, last but not least, they give your uniform a charm that never goes out of style.

  • Work Skirts

    A feminine and attractive style at any time of the day is a dream for many women. Our wide range of Work skirts offers a variety of skirts in different colors and patterns, to make women elegant and professional even in the workplace.

  • Work Jackets

    The Professional jackets allow you to work in comfort and to remain extremely well-groomed in the hotel, restaurant or any other working environment. The purpose of our line is to satisfy your tastes and needs by offering you garments with a dynamic, innovative, fashionable, resistant, functional and above all quality style.

  • Sweatshirts and Fleeces

    The vast choice of Sweatshirts for men or women is ideal for those who love comfort at work and in their free time. Our work sweatshirts are available in different colors and models which differ from the classic ones for the very high quality and greater comfort, all at an advantageous price to say the least.

  • Work sweaters

    Our section of Work knitwear is suitable for workers in the hospitality-hotel sector. Operators in this sector can opt for this solution for greater comfort during work, wearing a uniform that is pleasing to the eye of any customer.

  • Work Headwear

    To match work uniforms, we offer a wide range of Professional headgear including bandanas, chef hats, caps, sachets and cylinders. Our headgear, both for men and women, is available in white and in other colors or patterns to never give up quality and fashion in the workplace.

  • Ties, bow ties, scarves,...

    The Ties and bow ties section offers all the elements coordinated with the professional clothing available on our site. Among the accessories indicated, you can find scarves, ties, bow ties, triangles and handkerchiefs useful for embellishing your uniform.

  • Accessories for Workwear

    The Accessories section offers all the elements coordinated with the professional clothing available on our site. Among the accessories indicated, it is possible to find spare buttons, braids, suspenders, elastic bands, twists and useful additions to embellish your uniform.

  • Accessories and Disposable...

    The Accessories and Disposable clothing, disposable, meet in particular the needs of workers in the food sector, including operators of butchers, sausage factories and fishmongers, that require particular attention to hygiene at any time of the working day. In this section you can find latex gloves, gowns, sachets, hats and hypoallergenic masks.

  • Child School Aprons

    Here you will find a vast assortment of aprons for children suitable for primary childhood school, nursery school.

    Various types of colored and patterned cotton and cotton blend fabrics

  • Work overalls

    The Work overalls are a valid alternative to the jacket and trousers. With their functionality and comfort, they are the favorite item of clothing for workers for many sectors of activity.

  • Protective Work Coats
  • Work raincoats

    The Work Raincoats offer the possibility of shelter from the rain, without impeding the performance of each job that usually occupies working hours. Waterproof suits are particularly suitable for professionals who work outdoors, in contact with water. They are ideal for industry, construction and agriculture.

  • Work Capes

    Our section offers a wide choice of colorful Work Capes designed for hairdressers, barbers, beauticians and all those who work in the beauty and wellness sector. These capes are made entirely of polyester, so they are breathable and resistant to every wash.

  • High Visibility Workwear

    The High visibility clothing offers the best solution for working in complete safety by visually signaling the presence of the operator in any light condition. This section offers a series of high-visibility garments suitable for all needs and compliant with legislation.

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Showing 1 - 25 of 4225 items
Showing 1 - 25 of 4225 items