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Work clothing and footwear at unbeatable prices for the catering, hotel, food, beauty, health, food & beverage and school sectors.
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All the garments can be customised with the embroidery of the name and logo.

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  • Catering uniforms

    In CATERING, professional clothing is a real business card: for this reason it is very important to enhance the appearance of your staff through work uniforms adequate.

    Professional clothing in catering must be comfortable, but it absolutely cannot do without style. Standing out for original uniforms can make the difference in terms of image for your business.

    The fundamental elements to consider when choosing clothing in catering are:

    • garments made of resistant and breathable fabrics

    • elegant and customizable garments according to the type of activity

    • garments made of materials that allow easy cleaning and resistance to dirt

    In this section you will find a wide selection of jackets, tunics, vests, trousers, shoes for the catering sector.

    Do you want to customize your uniform? Add the printing or embroidery of your name or logo directly during the purchase.

    If you have any doubts, contact our staff who will be able to indicate the best solution to meet your needs.

  • Uniforms For Hotels

    There are many ways to communicate the concept of hospitality to customers. Attention to detail, punctuality, courtesy but also wearing an adequate uniform is essential. This is because the first impression is essential in the hotel industry and welcoming customers with the right uniform is the best way to communicate professionalism and seriousness.

  • Food industry uniforms

    Working closely with food requires a particular commitment to dress and maintain impeccable hygiene. In fact, who would buy from a seller who wears an improvised and even poorly cared for uniform? In this section, we offer the ideal clothing for the main trades in the Food Sector, each made with the most suitable fabrics according to the work being carried out and the temperatures to which it is subjected.

  • Food & Beverage

    In the world of Food & Beverage, therefore in places such as bars, pubs, pastry shops, ice cream shops, etc., for many, the uniform is an element to be overlooked to the detriment of other professional aspects. On the other hand, the right clothing is above all a useful element to enhance the professionalism of each employee and, at the same time, a way to enhance the image of the place. In this section you will find a wide range of garments, accessories and work shoes designed specifically for operators in this sector.

  • Hospital healthcare uniforms

    As in other work environments, even in the medical-health one it is essential to always have clean and tidy clothes.
    In this section you can choose between lab coats for doctors, uniforms for doctors , shoes for doctors, uniforms for nurses or healthcare workers- OSS , workwear for dentists or dentists, physiotherapist uniforms, white coats for pharmacist, uniforms for vets.

  • Beauty and SPA industry...

    In the beauty industry it is very important to choose the right uniforms, which are able to convey professionalism and passion to the customer!

    Beauty professionals are expected to look neat and tidy , always in step with fashion. In our shop we offer uniforms for beauticians, masseuses, hairdressers and barbers.

  • School Uniforms

    In this section you will find a vast assortment of kindergarten and school aprons for boys and girls, tunics and aprons for teachers, uniforms for hotel school and work uniforms for janitors, school collaborators.
    The garments can be customized with name embroidery to make them unique and original.

  • Craft Industry

    Clothing dedicated to the great variety of artisan and industrial realities, suitable for guaranteeing safety, functionality and durability. The articles meet the needs of all workers in manufacturing activities, offering maximum freedom of movement and great comfort.

  • Uniforms

    The section is particularly dedicated to supplies for public bodies and voluntary associations, as well as for transport companies and musical bands.

  • Other Areas

    The products offered are particular and varied: clothing, footwear and accessories for every job. Identify your sector and your profession and it will be easy to find everything that interests you.

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Showing 1 - 25 of 4227 items
Showing 1 - 25 of 4227 items