How to customize products

Add your logo to the items you have chosen. Enhance your brand.

Shopping online has many advantages, but the ability to customize products is only available on the best shopping sites. Colors combined in an original way, accessories that make a product exclusive, materials that combine to give life to non-standardized proposals, created to satisfy the need for exclusivity inherent in each of our customers.

How to do?

Through our e-commerce you can embroider your garments with high resolution embroidery (at least 300dpi) that is clear, indelible and always legible. After choosing and adding the product you want to make unique to your cart, just provide a logo in good resolution (possibily in vector on a.pdf file). Find out more by clicking on

At this point, select one of the two items and add it to your cart as if it were a classic product. In fact, you have the possibility to send us your graphics or to indicate the name you want to insert to customize and make your garment recognizable.