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Online sale of safety shoes professional EN certified , shoes for operators in the sector who carry out work in safety, footwear Anti-slip Antistatic Accident prevention, amphibious models, boots, boots for men and women.

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  • EN 20345 200 J tip

    The standard specifies, with reference to EN 20344, the basic and supplementary (optional) requirements for safety footwear for professional use, with characteristics designed to protect the wearer from injuries that may derive from accidents in the work sectors for which the footwear has been designed, equipped with toe caps designed to provide impact protection, when tested at an energy level of 200 J.

  • EN 20347 Without Toe

    With the EN 20347 standard they are called "work shoes" or "professional shoes". They differ in not having a protective tip

  • EN 15090 fire fighters

    The standard specifies the requirements and test methods for footwear for firefighters and forest firefighters.

  • EN 17249 Cut resistant

    The standard specifies the requirements for safety footwear with resistance to chain saw cuts.

  • EN 11612 Flame retardant...

    The EN 11612 standard certifies protective clothing that provides protection to the wearer with regards to brief contact with heat and flames. The heat can be convective, radiant, from molten material, or a combination thereof.

  • Food industry
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Showing 1 - 24 of 137 items
Showing 1 - 24 of 137 items